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I was at Walgreens buying my brother a birthday card. An elderly woman was also in the aisle. She said “can you believe they have wedding cards for two men and look even two women!”

[screams internally]

But she then said “I’ve seen so many changes in my 80 years, it’s wonderful how things are moving forward.”

[internal tears of joy]

She then mentioned that she didn’t know any gay people but that everyone should be treated like they would want to be treated. I smiled and said “you know one now” and pointed at myself. She smiled, patted my shoulder and said “now I do”.

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kourt’s finest moment 

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Fucking kids care more about each other than we do

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that was the hardest ive laughed in so longg

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Hugo Mayhew by Michael Elmquist

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Natalia Osipova in Giselle (again).

Natasha it’s like u don’t even care

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